Leak Detection

How to locate leaks inside walls or underground, without having to open the surface? The acoustic leak sound detection system can save you a lot of time and money! Leaks can be heard and detected by the equipment, which has the highest sensitivity, and the best audio quality ever offered in an acoustic listening devices.

Whether it is an asphalt street, loose dirt, concrete slab, grass lawn or acoustic walls, the distances transmitted for the “Hiss” or “Whoosh” sounds of water leaks are a function of the pipe diameter and it’s material. Please refer to the table below for examples:

Pipe Material and Diameter Distance Sounds Travel for 2 GPM Leak at 60 PSI
6 inch Cast Iron Pipe 600 to 1000 feet
12 inch Cast Iron Pipe 400 to 800 feet
24 inch Cast Iron Pipe 200 to 400 feet
6 inch AC Pipe 400 to 800 feet
12 inch AC Pipe 300 to 500 feet
24 inch AC Pipe 100 to 300 feet
6 inch PVC Pipe 200 to 300 feet
12 inch PVC Pipe 100 to 200 feet
24 inch PVC Pipe 50 to 100 feet

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