Plugs and Bypass

City Sewer Specialists uses Plugs to control the flow and bypass the sewer line to allow you a free access to create a new service connection. For any overflowing sewer, where access is limited or has a back pitch problem, we use Plugs that stop or slow down the flow in sewer lines up to 60″; in diameter. By using our heavy-duty pumps and hi-pressure water-jets, we bypass and reroute the sewer flow to allow a clean environment for service work to commence.

We use large blocking pipe Plugs and Packers for sewer line maintenance and repair. Our plugs are durable, lightweight and tested at 3x their working pressure to ensure safety. (Oil resistant Plugs in these sizes are also available).

We use high-pressure Plugs engineered and reinforced with Kevlar ® for higher back-pressures and for sealing pipelines when back pressures exceed the operating range of the standard lightweight multi-size sealing plugs.

Only a video camera can locate problems like:

Broken or collapsed pipes
Misaligned pipes
Blockage such as grease or roots
Pipe Corrosion
Leaking Joints between the pipes

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